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Spring Cocktails

Frizzé frizzanté rosé topped with dru curaçao, egg white foam…9

Your Cool Uncle tanqueray old tom gin, nux alpine walnut liqueur, peychaud’s bitters, sugar cubes, orange twist. served up…9

Spring Manhattan dry-hopped makers mark, smith & cross rum, miro sweet vermouth, dolin dry vermouth, angostura orange, grapefruit twist and coctail cherry. served up…9

17th Century el buho mescal, tempus fugit créme de cacao, lillet blanc, citrus shrub. served up…9

Tiki Concoction #5 amaro montenegro, rabarbaro zucca, pineapple juice, orange juice, fun-time straw!…9


Classic Boda Cocktails

Amethyst Lemonade stoli razberi, homemade lemonade, chambord…9

Mango Mania pama pomegranate, absolut mango, amaretto, grapefruit juice. served up…9

Awesome Coffee thai iced coffee, vodka, licor 43, baileys, kahlua…9

The Fuge’s Dilemma manhattan made with 11 tigers and sweet vermouth. served up with a twist…9

John Daly ginger-peach tea infused vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemonade, iced tea…9

Chef Bob Sour dry-hopped maker’s mark, sweet vermouth, homemade sour, bitters, lemon twist. served up…9

Thai Basil Tom Collins gin, lemon juice, splash of soda water, fresh thai basil, splash of sour. served up…9

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